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Y's x G-SHOCK GM-S5600YS-1 Collaboration | Launching on the 7th April 2023

 Casio Malaysia will be launching the GM-S5600YS-1, a new collaboration model, between the G-SHOCK brand of shock-resistant watches and Y’s, the very first brand launched by world-renowned designer Yohji Yamamoto, which is marking its 50th Anniversary this year.

Yohji Yamamoto envisioned Y’s to be a brand focusing on the functionality of everyday wear. With his philosophy of "conquering fashion through antithesis", he creates pieces that have endured the test of time, and which challenge taboos and propose radical conviction. The brand is committed to providing unique and functional clothing by choosing materials of the highest quality and cementing its brand identity as functional, elegant, and prêt-à-porter daily wear.

G-SHOCK brand’s history of achievements in overturning the conventional watch structures to achieve ultimate toughness resonates well with Yohji Yamamoto’s philosophy. The watch brand has never stopped challenging the toughness and captivating new models with the unique colour, material, and finish (CMF) design to complement G-SHOCK fans’ fashion and lifestyle.

The GM-S5600YS-1 features a metal bezel and comes with a resin band and an additional custommade cloth band, which transforms the watch into two different styles. For added functionality, the cloth band includes a cover to protect the watch face. The cover can be pulled back, folded through the buckle, and easily fastened in place with Velcro. The woven label listing model number and watch functions is sewn at the top edge of the cloth band as a graphic design element inspired by the woven label sewn into Y’s brand clothing. Like the Y’s line, this band is also carefully designed to be durable and comfortable to wear.

The watch is designed with an all-black body, accentuated with metal components for a sleek design. Each part of the watch is thoughtfully polished with different finishes to achieve its refined look - the buckle and case with a honing finish; the bezel top with a hairline finish; and the side buttons and screws with a mirror finish. Additionally, the signature Y’s logo is engraved on the dial and back cover.

Retailing at RM1,395 and and will be available exclusively from 7 th of April 2023 onwards on Casio E-Commerce Website and 12th of April 2023 at G-SHOCK Store @Lalaport, Kuala Lumpur.