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Meet myFirst: Your Child’s First Step into Tech


As technology has become a necessary part of our daily lives, the need for kid-safe technology is higher than ever. Now launching in Malaysia, myFirst offers the world’s first Kids Tech Collection for your children with its devices and the best alternative to social media for kids, myFirst Circle. The brand’s smartwatch-shaped device myFirst Fone R1s offers a gateway for children to stay connected within the safe ecosystem with full parental controls

The company’s all-in-one watchphone myFirst Fone R1s combines voice and video calling, messaging, music player, camera, clock, GPS and fitness tracker. Equipped with heart rate monitoring, the watchphone also motivates its wearers to collect cute badges while keeping track of their daily steps. It can also train children with using alarms and reminders by recording their own or parents’ personalised voice reminders. The personalisation does not end there - the R1s’ watchphone face is customisable by choosing from a selection of animated wallpapers, selfies, and photos stored in the device!

“myFirst was created with the idea to be the first safe tech experience for a child, in order to enrich a child’s developmental process with learning experiences through fun and innovative gadgets. We wanted to rethink the way kids learn and play, in hopes of creating a community where children can grow up with technology introduced safely in their lives prior to facing the challenges of the adult tech world. To amplify this safe experience for children, we have designed a safe social circle app for myFirst device users called the myFirst Circle,” said G-Jay Yong, myFirst Founder.

As technological advancements become more prevalent and accelerated by the day, it is vital for children to be exposed to technology in order to stay caught up on cognitive learning ability. myFirst offers a variety of options through its products so that children can simultaneously play and learn with safety and accessibility.

The brand has opened its Malaysia Official Store at, and parents can also choose to purchase its products at selected retail outlets []. 

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