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Professional Photography with Pro Mode & Expert Raw App on Galaxy S23 Ultra

 Epic moments wait for no one, so if you want to always be ready, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is all you could possibly need. Produce professional, high-quality photography with this pocket-sized device, which you never leave home without, minus the heavy DSLR camera and equipment. From Pro Mode to the Expert Raw app, there are endless digital tools to level up your game. Here are some photographers’ tips & tricks using the Galaxy S23 Ultra, as shown by our Galaxy fans.

Astro Hyperlapse

Blanketing the sky are a million stars that are a true work of art. Capture nature’s wonder with the Astrophoto, which allows you to grab more detail, even in the dark. Set the exposure manually or let the camera choose, then point it skyward to capture planets and constellations with clarity. Switch into Expert RAW to finesse your image in greater detail.

Now the only thing that could possibly top that photo is if it moved! Turn on Hyperlapse to record the night sky and shooting stars for at least an hour, then speed it up for stunning footage in seconds. Just swipe your camera mode to "More" and find Hyperlapse, choose the Infinity timer, select 300x speed in UHD quality, enable Star Trails mode.

Check it out here: 

Light Drawing

For seriously epic portraits that look like you’re in a retrowave poster, try light drawing! To get started, you’ll need a tripod, small LED soft light, and RGB tube light. Open the Expert RAW app, use manual focus, and set the shutter speed to 15 seconds. Adjust the ISO depending on your RGB tube light brightness and start shooting. Make sure your subject remains still and begin light drawing around them. 

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Multi Exposure

If you love layering, Multi Exposure is the mode you’ll want to experiment with to add finesse and depth to your photos. Open the Expert RAW app on your Galaxy S23 Ultra, select Manual Bright and the number of layers you want in your image. Start taking pictures of your subjects – it can be a photo of yourself or friend, followed by a pattern, then an object, or a wall mural; it’s entirely up to your creativity. Then admire the results as they layer over each other. You can make create photos that are absolutely ethereal or even comedic! 

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Panning or Long Exposure

Want to capture a subject that looks stationary in time, while everything else around it is moving? Then try panning or long exposure. First, switch to Pro Mode and change speed to 1/15 - 1/20. Snap a photo of your subject and voila! The paths of moving objects around your subject become clearly visible – like clouds forming broad bands, vehicle lights draw bright streaks, stars leave trails in the sky, and water waves appear smooth. 

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