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2023 Food Taipei Mega Shows: Unveiling a New Era of Healthy and Sustainable Food

The 2023 Food Taipei Mega Shows, which consist of FOOD TAIPEI, FOODTECH TAIPEI, BIO/PHARMATECH TAIWAN, TAIPEI PACK, and TAIWAN HORECA, will take place at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Halls 1 and 2. This exciting four-day event commences on June 14th and will continue until June 17th, offering a platform for up to 1,498 exhibitors from 31 countries to showcase their products and services across 4,118 booths. With border measures easing, this stunning number is expected to set yet another record high.

Both local and global exhibitors are eagerly preparing to seize the vast business opportunities in the food industry as border restrictions are now lifted. This year's trade show not only brings together a diverse array of local companies but also attracts exhibitors from around the world. Among the domestic exhibitors, there are renowned names such as DaChan Great Wall, Chi Mei Frozen Food, Fwusow Industry, Anyong Freshmart, Hundred Machinery, ANKO Food Machine, Chin Ying Fa Mechanical, Jaw Feng Machinery, Taiwan Lamination Industries, Benison, Chatzutang, and Chuan Cheng Catering Equipment. In addition to these domestic players, the show gathers exhibitors from different countries as well. For example, there are Sugimoto-Honten, who brings us the Japanese A5 Kurohana Gyu, a highly sought-after premium wagyu beef; Zouitina, a national brand of extra virgin olive oil from Morocco; Marel, a renowned food processing machinery company from Iceland (Singapore branch); Canpac, a well-established packaging manufacturer from Malaysia (Vietnam branch); and Global Water Solutions, a manufacturer of water treatment products from the U.K. Furthermore, the mega show is set to host pavilions from newly participating countries and regions such as the U.K., Japan's Kyushu, and Paraguay, thereby underlining its position as a potent hub for businesses seeking to penetrate the Asian market.

In sync with worldwide trends, the trade show is centered around two key themes: 'Future Food' and 'Food Safety & Sustainability'. It will display a range of organic and plant-based foods, beverages devoid of additives, and energy-efficient, eco-friendly machinery and solutions. With a growing popularity of organic diet, FOOD TAIPEI is introducing an Organic Section to encourage a healthy diet and to promote sustainability through organic farming. In addition, TAIPEI PACK is adding a Sustainable Packaging Section this year, which reimagines the packaging industry with recycled and biodegradable materials, presenting eco-friendly solutions to the world. This year, the exhibition is setting up a Future Food Technology Pavilion for the very first time, where participants get to see alternative foods, food for seniors, and other sustainable products as well as solutions. The trade remains at the forefront of the latest trends and serves as a platform of innovation.

Aside from all the exhibitions, a range of engaging events are also heavily featured in the mega show. For instance, the Food Taipei Forum gathers experts and key manufacturers from domestic and abroad to provide their insights into the current market and give talks on five different topics: latest industrial trends, ESG business model, alternative foods, digital transformation, and sustainable packaging. Moreover, events like Healthy Eating, Active Living, Yummy Map collection, Travel by Palate, Guided Tour, 1-on-1 Procurement Meetings, New Product Launches, and KOL promotional videos are all wonderful opportunities for participants to experience a healthy diet lifestyle and to join the cause of building a sustainable future for food.

Food Taipei Mega Shows is a multinational platform full of opportunities, making it an ideal destination for leaders from the food industry to look for innovative products and solutions. For more information, please visit the official website