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 5 Professionals Who Will Love Work Even More with the Galaxy Z Fold4


Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Gen Z’s have really taken this to heart and turned the tide of the way we work. We can’t imagine this next-generation workforce sitting 9-6 in cubicles with deskbound devices, just as we can’t imagine telephone cords making a comeback. 

It also doesn’t hurt when you have the best devices to work on. Some devices are just built to make your life easier and give you a huge boost in productivity. Here are the professionals who can unfold their passions with the Galaxy Z Fold4! 

Designers & Content Creators

If you work in the creative line, colours, design and aesthetics mean everything to you. Having a pro-grade camera on the Galaxy Z Fold4 starts every project off on the right track, while Expert RAW App and other designing programs can turn those shots into your magnum opus. Unfold the Galaxy Z Fold4 so you can create with ease on a larger screen that projects every stunning colour vividly and the camouflaged Under Display Camera ensures no black dot to ruin your mojo.

Architect & Civil Engineers 

Professionals who work with blueprints will understand how important it is to achieve precision that is as solid as the buildings they construct. The foundation is in your S Pen! Draw every blueprint with precision and smooth strokes that feel as familiar as pen on paper. Easily open your images or the search bar on the next screen when you need to refer to something.   

Teachers & trainers 

The noblest profession in the world gets full marks with the Galaxy Z Fold4. Have a big screen to grade your students or trainees’ work and keep a tab sheet on their performance throughout the school year. When they urgently need your wisdom outside the classroom, flip open that big screen for tête-à-tête on video call. 


Running your own business is busy work – you’re here, you’re there, you’re everywhere at once. But no hectic schedules or growing staff numbers are too difficult to juggle with the help of your Galaxy Z Fold4! Multitask like a boss with Multi View. Take important business meetings, review your pitch to investors, and delegate tasks all at once.

Accountant & auditor or finance line

Dealing with numbers comes naturally for some people, but if you’re going to be looking at them for prolonged periods of time, you’re going to need more. Run more than two or three spreadsheet at the same time or other programs when you use the Galaxy Z Fold4. The smartphone is much more portable than having to lug a laptop around, so you can continue working with ease on the go. Easy on the pocket, easy on the eyes!

Unfold a new way of working with the Galaxy Z Fold4 today: