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Flips & Folds You Cannot Unsee or Escape

 Some things you cannot unsee, some things you cannot escape. The Galaxy Z Series will flip and fold its way into your brain and you can’t even look away. Don’t try to fight it – instead, lean in to your fascination towards the convention-defying form factor. 

Whether it’s vertical like the Galaxy Z Flip4 or horizontal like the Galaxy Z Fold4, these foldables open up a galaxy of unique mobile experiences to break the monotony of the average bar phone. The Galaxy Z Series combine innovative UI/UX, advanced pro-grade camera, immersive display, and multitasking magic in one snap – the ultimate PC in a pocket.

Our Galaxy fans show you how it’s done on the Flip side. Now you cannot unsee or escape it too!

Flip your world upside down

Flip that booty


Fold laundry like yo mama’s watching


Wanna join the fun? Catch you on the Flip side today:

Galaxy Z Flip4: 

Galaxy Z Fold4: 

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Join us on 26 July at 7:00PM Malaysian Time and be the first to see the new premium Galaxy innovations. The event will be streamed live on Samsung Malaysia’s YouTube, Official Website, Facebook and Newsroom. Stay tuned for upcoming teasers, trailers, and news about Galaxy Unpacked 2023.