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Movies Make Great Memories for You and Your Family

 In this fast-paced and modern world, finding time for family bonding has become more challenging. But there’s a simple activity that can bring the family closer together wherever you gather. Something everyone loves and provides an opportunity for the whole family to escape their everyday routines into the silver screen

The smell of fresh popcorn in the air, the anticipation of escaping into a riveting story… movies have the astonishing potential to build lasting memories and profound bonds among family members, from tear-jerking K-Dramas to action-packed blockbusters. If you have a playlist all picked out, all you need is a cinema setup for the best entertainment experience.

With developments in home entertainment technology, turning your living room or bedroom into a theatre is no longer a pipe dream! The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, with its enormous 14.6" Super AMOLED display, will bring any scene to life.

What’s more, you can connect your Galaxy smartphone to the tablet with Smart View! From your smartphone, you can either go on duplicate mode on the tablet to watch your favourite movies more comfortably.

To find out how to connect your Galaxy smartphone to your tablet with Smart View, please have a read at the attached editorial. Alternatively, you may read all about it on Samsung Newsroom Malaysia:

Let’s create your memorable experience with your family now! For more information on the Galaxy Tab S8 Series, please visit: