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Shopee Empowers Sellers to Customise Products for Malaysians

 #ShopeeSapotLokal sellers, Lampu Cherita and HomeDecoStore, are deeply motivated by their most important asset: their customers. Their dedication to crafting personalised designs and exceptional service has earned them a loyal customer base, while shaping the rise of value-based Malaysian businesses online. They leverage interactive Shopee features like Shopee Seller Chat, Shopee Live, and Shopee Prizes games to engage customers in two-way feedback, understand values, and interests. 

Mohd Zaid Othman (left), founder of Lampu Cherita*, understands Malaysians' desire for high-quality candles similar to international brands, but at more affordable prices. He handcrafts locally-sourced 100% soy wax and environmentally friendly candles from as low as RM7.00. Zaid actively engages customers through Shopee Seller Chat to provide personalised recommendations and explanations about how various scents can be incorporated in their day-to-day lifestyles. This customer-centric approach has earned Lampu Cherita a rating of 4.9 stars from 19 thousand reviewers and gained 23 thousand followers since opening his store on Shopee five years ago.

To keep up with demand, Zaid enlists his family's help and hires two part-time staff. They meticulously hand-pour and custom-create 50 to 100 candles every day from their home-based operations in Cheras. Lampu Cherita's best-selling line (which has sold close to 30 thousand units) the Scented Candle 200ML, includes a range of Malaysian-inspired scents such as Klasik, Pandan, Lychee, Coconut, and Lime Basil Mandarin. 

“Four years ago, when I couldn't afford expensive candles, I embarked on a mission to offer the best candle experience to fellow Malaysians without breaking the bank. Using 100% soy wax sourced from Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, I offer top-quality products at the most affordable prices. From my interactions with customers through Shopee Seller Chat, I firmly believe Malaysians are ready to embrace local products that rival international brands in both quality and value. Thanks to Shopee, I have the platform to reach more Malaysians, and with the invaluable dedication of my talented staff, my business grew ten times. Together, we take pride in crafting high-quality, affordable candles that align with Malaysians' preferences,” says Zaid.

Edward Wong, the owner of HomeDecoStore**, discovered the potential of his current hero product, the mini sejadah (prayer mat) by listening to invaluable feedback from his Muslim staff. They highlighted the high demand (but scarcity) for high-quality and affordable options in this category to him. Since launching the HDS Sejadah Muka two months ago, it has rapidly become HomeDecoStore's best-selling item. Steady demand and bulk purchases up to 10 thousand pieces within two to three weeks are often for special occasions like kenduri (banquet/feast) door gifts. 

"I believe what sets me apart from other sellers is the fact that I create my own unique sejadah designs. I ask customers about their favourite designs and application preferences whenever I engage them on Shopee Live. These valuable inputs inform how I tailor the prayer mats while respecting religious sensitivities. In addition, I get to showcase the products in a 360 way on Shopee Live, enabling me to close deals on the spot. The inclusion of game features like Shopee coins and the Spin the Wheel is crucial in retaining customers' engagement and rewarding them to drive loyalty,” says Edward. 

Edward's commitment to offering relevant products, benchmarking competitors' offerings and sourcing from trusted suppliers has earned HomeDecoStore a loyal following of over 34 thousand customers on Shopee. He has also garnered 4.9 stars rating from over 10 thousand reviewers and maintained outstanding Chat Performance of 100% within minutes for four years. 

Lampu Cherita and HomeDecoStore have successfully matched the values of their Malaysian customers by playing to local preferences in their innovative candle scents and prayer mat designs. Proactive customer engagement that encourages dialogue and live interactions on Shopee’s platform, has allowed them to grow their local businesses and include downstream suppliers in the economy. Their passion for preserving Malaysian heritage shines through in their offerings that provide affordable options serving local needs.