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A New Chapter for The Baker’s Son at Jaya Grocer

 The Baker’s Son, the in-house bakery arm of Jaya Grocer, celebrates over a decade of delivering high-quality loaves with a brand-new look. The new look was unveiled at Sunway Geo and will be extended to all future stores moving forward.

"Our mission has always been to offer healthy alternatives for customers without compromising on quality or taste,” said Peter Tan, Head Baker of The Baker’s Son.

“Till today, we have stayed true to that mission by sourcing natural and premium ingredients, while standing firm against the use of preservatives, artificial colouring or additives. We are proud that our revitalised look embodies these principles and are confident it will resonate with the modern, health-conscious customer.”

Tan shared further: “The fresh outlook aims to cater to the evolving preferences of families, who are increasingly health-conscious. It emphasises:

Commitment to quality: Every product reflects our dedication to excellent baking, and undergoes several rounds of trial and error to ensure superior taste

Transparency in ingredients: Our breads and loaves only contain natural and recognisable ingredients, free-from preservatives and additives. To cater to those who have allergies, we have updated our label to include common allergens such as egg or nuts

Value for Money: We remain committed to providing high quality at an affordable price, ensuring healthier options can be offered to all, with loaves starting from RM6.90

“This extends from our loaves to our French butter croissants - which sells over 100,000 pieces per month!” he quipped.

“We recognise the importance of these products as staples in family meals, and we aim to offer better and healthier options that bring joy to the dining table,” said Daniel Teng, Jaya Grocer Deputy CEO.

“Soon, we will also be launching The Baker’s Son patisserie across selected stores, offering a selection of 4-inch cakes, suitable for small families and gatherings,” Teng added.

Customers get to enjoy even more value deals and discounts every month through the Jaya Grocer Members’ Special deals. Access to the membership programme is available directly via the Grab mobile app.

In line with the unveiling of its new-look, The Baker's Son hosted an exciting Kid's Bakery Workshop exclusively for Jaya Grocer Members, creating an opportunity for children to experience the joy of baking. The engaging workshop included guided baking sessions, pastry decoration activities, and fun games that had kids entertained as they eagerly awaited their freshly baked goods.