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Niro Ceramic Group and Kindyland Tropicana Unite to Spark Creativity in the Season of Giving

 Niro Ceramic Group, a leader in the Malaysian tile industry, celebrates the season of giving this year with an initiative to advocate for creativity among children during the holiday season. In collaboration with Kindyland Tropicana, the Group hosted an inspiring tile painting workshop for kindergarteners as part of its commitment to community engagement initiatives.

The primary focus of this workshop is to ignite the sparks of creativity among young minds through this innovative collaboration with Kindyland Tropicana. Held at Kindyland Tropicana Golf, the workshop invites the kindergarten children to immerse themselves in the world of tile painting, providing them with a platform to express their creative inclinations vital for their holistic development. As people worldwide celebrate this season of giving and togetherness, the company looks forward to nurturing young lives through this workshop, aligning with its broader goal of positively impacting the local community through meaningful initiatives. 

Ian Kok, the Managing Director of Niro Ceramic Group, expressed his enthusiasm for this festive initiative, stating, “At Niro Ceramic Group, we firmly believe that nurturing creativity from a young age and fostering community connections are essential building blocks for a brighter future. With this workshop, we hope to encourage the exploration of artistic expression among our youngest community members during this joyful Christmas season.”

The tile painting workshop was a resounding success, with children enthusiastically adorning the tiles and letting their creativity flow. The activity not only instilled a sense of accomplishment but also encouraged teamwork and camaraderie among the students, mirroring the spirit of unity and giving that defines the Christmas season.

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