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 Faber-Castell, a renowned advocate for learning and creativity, has successfully concluded its second-year Score A programme and third-year Young Artist Award 2023. The initiatives were designed to ignite creativity in teaching and learning, inspiring educators and students to perform better in school. Supported by the Ministry of Education, this marks another year of commitment from Faber-Castell to spur creative learning strategies that revolutionise the academic sphere in Malaysia.

The Score A programme equips teachers with practical applications of 10 creative learning techniques, which were cascaded to their students and tested in the nationwide Score A Student Olympics. This year’s programme achieved an impressive milestone with a tenfold surge in submissions, amassing over 13,800 entries from 3,000 schools nationwide.


Meanwhile, the Young Artist Award 2023 – a platform for young talents to showcase their creativity – achieved an unprecedented milestone with a record-breaking 53,052 submissions, securing its position as 'The Largest Young Artist Colouring Contest' according to the Malaysia Book of Records.


Faber-Castell integrated art into academics throughout its programmes to elevate teaching methods and empower students with effective study skills. The participants were guided, inspired, and equipped with different creative skills to transform traditional learning into an engaging and effective experience.

Mr. Andrew Woon, Managing Director of Faber-Castell Malaysia said, “We are honoured to witness the outstanding growth and success of both the Score A programme and the Young Artist Award. At Faber-Castell, our commitment to nurturing creativity from an early age is important. Through the Score A programme, we strive to cultivate learning using innovative teaching and learning techniques, while the Young Artist Award harnesses the transformative power of creative expression for holistic student development.”

"Since 1978, Faber-Castell has been a renowned name in the world of stationery in Malaysia, and we have continuously evolved to play a more significant and meaningful role in the education sector. Committed to fostering academic excellence, we are at the forefront of advocating for innovative learning initiatives. Our vision is to empower educators and students by actively contributing to the education sector, sparking impactful discussions, nurturing creative thinking, and enhancing problem-solving skills. Faber-Castell is dedicated to advancing learning experiences and helping teachers and students excel in their academic endeavours and studies. The strong support from the Ministry of Education and Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri in each state has played a pivotal role in the success of this year's program, and we express our gratitude for their instrumental contributions.” he said.

Enhancing Learning Experiences with Creative Techniques

Score A Creative Learning programme, which kicked off with the Teacher’s Edition in May 2023, equipped the teachers with 10 study skills workshops on creative learning techniques such as emojis, time blocking, and memory palace. The programme witnessed the participation of over 6,200 teachers from 5,120 schools nationwide.

These techniques were cascaded to their students to nurture creativity and leverage their studies in the classroom and at home. The students were then encouraged to apply and demonstrate the techniques learnt at the nationwide Score A Creative Learning Olympics.

Students participated in four crucial missions aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals to qualify, with shortlisting determined by online assessment scores and applying techniques through creative notetaking. The ultimate achievement was securing the Top Student title in primary and secondary categories.

Lee Yew Jia from SMJK Ave Maria Convent Ipoh, who emerged as the Top Student in Category C (16 to 17 years old) said, “To me, the mind map method learnt during the workshop has been essential in helping me understand complex subjects where memorisation is key. The classic mind map, with its central title and intricate branches, is my go-to technique. I’ve found this journey insightful, and I will encourage my schoolmates to use the techniques learnt during the workshops.”

Mr. Ng Weng Hoong, Yew Jia’s biology teacher at SMJK Ave Maria Convent Ipoh, welcomes the programme and believes the techniques learnt are effective. “As a teacher, we noticed that students often highlight study materials without a clear objective. The workshops have introduced many creative techniques into our teaching toolkit, like highlighting to score, emojis, mind maps and strategic use of colours. These techniques enable us to provide students with a fun and dynamic approach to conceptualise and comprehend the overarching message of a topic in the classroom."

Unveiling the Potential of Creative Expression in Art

The Young Artist Award 2023 ─ ‘The Largest Young Artist Colouring Contest’ certified by the Malaysia Book of Records – saw students across Category A (5 to 8 years old), Category B (9 to 12 years old) and Category C (13 to 17 years old) compete in three colouring rounds ─ with the Grand Winner becoming the Young Artist Ambassador of Faber-Castell Malaysia. The top 3 winning artworks of each category will also be showcased at the UTme! by UNIQLO outlets next year.

Faber-Castell has expanded its outreach partnership with MY Art Studio and MY Craft Studio to benefit more students by providing virtual and physical workshops on art techniques. Notably, over 25,600 participants were actively involved in the workshops held nationwide.

In line with this year’s contest theme of sustainability, Faber-Castell has also forged partnerships with environmentally focused social enterprise Mereka and Biji-Biji Initiative to facilitate knowledge-based tours and hands-on activities. The activities aim to raise awareness about environmental issues and motivate proactive engagement.

The Young Artist Award offers a two-pronged approach to enhance the teacher’s teaching techniques with the Art Experience Teacher’s Edition and the student’s learning process through the competition. The Art Experience Teacher’s Edition introduced teachers to different art materials and mediums to encourage creativity in the classroom. It has expanded its reach in 2022 by extending the programme to secondary schools and two additional states, Pahang and Sarawak. The programme reached over 2,300 teachers and 1,900 schools across the nation. As a result, the Third Edition Teacher's Handbook was unveiled, incorporating new art techniques such as watercolour pencils, poster colours, and acrylic paints. The handbook's curriculum is designed to align with standard 1-6 school Art Lessons (Pendidikan Seni Visual).

Upon being revealed as the Grand Winner in Category B, Lee Rou Lin from SJK (C) Keat Hwa (K) Alor Setar expressed, “Art has been my passion since the age of four, and I'm thankful for the opportunity this competition provided to express myself creatively. I truly enjoy the entire process of experimenting with various materials and techniques. Moreover, the competition has deepened my connection to sustainability, enabling me to infuse crucial environmental elements into my artwork.”

Ms Oliver Wong, an art teacher at SJK (C) Ping Ming Johor, was overjoyed when her students submitted over hundreds of submissions, making it the highest number in Malaysia. “Our school believe that learning extends beyond the confines of classrooms. Through the Young Artist Award, we witnessed the students unleash their creative potential using various art materials and techniques. Their imaginative interpretations of this year's sustainability-themed artworks produced remarkable pieces and provided fun and captivating avenues for learning.”

Puan Siti Rosni Binti Nik Mohd Zaid, Senior Assistant Director of Visual Arts Division, Ministry of Education said, “As a judge for this competition, I’m in awe of the boundless creativity that can be nurtured in both teachers and students. The finalists, in particular, showcased exceptional performance, skilfully applying the innovative techniques imparted during the workshops. I commend Faber-Castell for fostering a platform that empowers the integration of creativity and learning. Their workshops not only inspire, but also contribute to a deeper understanding of sustainability, marking a commendable stride towards a more enlightened and imaginative future.”