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Kotex today unveiled their all-girl MLBB (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) esports team, the Kotex Elimin8tors, in continuation of their brand promise to show the world that Period or Not, She Can.

Consisting of members Fafau, Ecstatic, Rina, Intan, Beyya and Pika, the Kotex dream team will receive full-fledged support to help them prepare for the country’s longest-running esports league, the MPL (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League) Malaysia.

As part of its commitment to the Kotex Elimin8tors in this ‘Road to MPL’ campaign, Kotex is contributing RM100,000 from the Kotex She Can Fund to provide a comprehensive ecosystem, designed to enhance the team’s gameplay skills and knowledge. This includes a professional MPL Malaysia coach, full-spec equipment, daily 6 to 8-hour intensive training regime, an analyst to provide important insights, a gaming studio along with a fully-furnished hostel and a monthly allowance.

Coach Amoux was handpicked for his proven track record in MPL Malaysia, having guide several teams achieve podium results in the league. Notably, he coached team GeekFam to a league win during MPL MY/SG Season 3 in 2019 and recently led Team HAQ to the 5th-6th ranking in MPL Season 12 in 2023.

According to Allcorrect, almost half of all 22.8 million gamers in Malaysia are female, however, there is a pointed lack of female gamers that manage to succeed to the professional scene. The limited female representation in esports can be attributed to many reasons, including gender-based bias and the lack of infrastructure that supports the specific needs of women in gaming.

This first-of-its-kind title sponsorship deal for an all-girl team is history being made in the Malaysian esports industry. Lim Yu Chien, Managing Director of Kimberly-Clark Malaysia said, “It has always been our mission to empower women and girls in areas where the lack of equal opportunities becomes a barrier for growth and success. We found it fit for us to continue this legacy by leveling the playing field for women in the professional esports scene. Kotex will pioneer the building of a better ecosystem for women in esports by harnessing these athletes’ potentials and seeing through to their success because gender has no bearing on gaming skills.”

“Further, as we back the team and campaign with a solid 360-marketing plan, we hope to simultaneously normalize the conversation on periods and remind women in the industry that their success should not be held back by their periods. It also makes complete sense for us from a product standpoint. Esports training and competing typically are long hours and this can get uncomfortable for women when they are menstruating. Therefore, the added proposition that we are offering include the comfort and security of our Kotex Soft and Smooth pads which comes in various sizes well adjusted for their flow,” Lim explained. 

The team will also receive a 1-year supply of Kotex Soft and Smooth pads as part of this sponsorship deal.

Present at the launch event was Minister of Youth and Sports, YB Puan Hannah Yeoh who added, “The world of e-sports continues to be a male-dominated domain, where women's talents and contributions are often overlooked and undervalued. This is a reality we must change – not just for the sake of fairness and equality, but also to ensure that we no longer deprive ourselves of the immense potential that our Malaysian women athletes hold. I trust that this Kotex Elimin8tors title sponsorship will serve as an inspiration to dismantle the barriers and empower our women athletes to take their rightful place in the professional esports arena whilst propelling us towards a more equitable esports industry.”

“Initiatives like this aligns with the government’s vision to make Malaysia the regional esports hub. Our seriousness is indicated by the increase in budget allocation to RM30 million for esports development as announced by the Prime Minister in the tabling of Budget 2024. It is my Ministry’s hope that this is just the beginning for more sponsorships and commercial deals for women in esports. I call upon more corporate entities to step up and follow Kotex’s lead to support female athletes in esports and beyond,” urged YB Hannah.

Fikri Rizal Mahruddin, Marketing and Business Development Lead for MPL Malaysia at MOONTON Games said, “MLBB esports offers an inclusive and diverse platform where aspiring esports athletes can freely showcase their abilities and express themselves – regardless of their gender. We’ve witnessed first-hand the talents of our female MLBB athletes, with our national women’s team securing a podium finish at the 32nd SEA Games in Cambodia. We’re delighted to welcome the Kotex Elimin8tors into the MLBB competitive arena.”

Fikri also surprised Kotex Elimin8tors with a special message, “Best of luck with the season ahead. Your exploits will be an inspiration to young girls across the nation and will pave the way for more women to enter esports. The Land of Dawn awaits!”

The Kotex Elimin8tors recently began their training and has moved into their hostel and gaming studio. According to team manager Belle, this was a long time coming. “As someone who was previously involved in the MLBB scene as a player, I understand what is lacking for female esports athletes in Malaysia. We don’t share the same infrastructure, support, and publicity as our male counterpart despite our potential. Therefore, to receive a deal like this from Kotex is very meaningful and special for all women in our industry. This is the first time a brand is providing an all-female team support that covers the team’s complete development from training to wellbeing and even finance. It allows not only the Kotex Elimin8tors to prove themselves in MLBB, but for there to be a better female presence in esports in the future.”