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Aberfeldy’s Single Malt Range - A Dazzling Addition to Your Golden Chinese New Year

 With less than a month to go to the Lunar New Year, Malaysians will be looking at the best ways to ring in the festivities with all the grandeur and revelry this occasion demands. Opulence and tradition are still the order of the day and Aberfeldy's triad of single malt whiskies with its rich heritage will be no less than the perfect complement as you look to appreciate family and friends. 

Crafted by acclaimed Malt Master, Stephanie Macleod, Aberfeldy's signature golden dram is more than just a whisky. Stephanie is one of the best whisky makers in the world and in addition to being an award-winning Malt Master, she also holds the prestigious title of Master Blender of the Year for the fifth consecutive year as of 2023. Much like the auspicious traditions that mark this joyous occasion, Aberfeldy's exceptional whiskies embody a golden standard of excellence. The rich and nuanced flavours of Aberfeldy Single Malt Whisky will be the perfect companion for moments of indulgence and celebration, bringing a touch of gold to your Lunar New Year celebrations. Here’s a few ways we like to enjoy this golden dram.

1. Culinary Harmony: As the firecrackers illuminate the night sky and families gather for the Lunar New Year reunion dinner, elevate your culinary experience with Aberfeldy’s 12-Year-Old Single Malt. This exquisite whisky, with its notes of honey, spices, vanilla, and a subtle hint of smoke, becomes the perfect accompaniment to the festive feast. Paired with the traditional Yee Shang, the fusion of flavours creates a symphony on your palate, setting the gold standard for a memorable celebration.     

Aberfeldy 12-Year-Old

2. Prosperity Toasts: With Aberfeldy’s 16-Year-Old Single Malt, any time is a good time to raise a toast throughout the 15-day Lunar New Year festivities. This rich, full-bodied whisky with its indulgent notes of honey, fruitcake, and dark chocolate synonymises prosperity. Sip on a dram as you nibble on bak kwa or harmonise it to the nuttiness of peanut cookies – however you choose to enjoy Aberfeldy, it’s a delightful experience to accompany the many treats of the occasion.


Aberfeldy 16-Year-Old

3. Homecoming Celebration: Whether you're in the comfort of your own home or embracing the warmth of your hometown, Aberfeldy’s 21-Year-Old Single Malt serves as the golden thread steeped in tradition to bring together families. Or simply indulge in the opulent grand finale of Chap Goh Mei with your loved ones, savouring the delightful notes of heather honey, creamy macadamia nuts, dried fruits, toasted coconut, silky oak, and a subtle trace of smoke. Sublime elegance never tasted so good. 


Aberfeldy 21-Year-Old

Elevate your Lunar New Year celebrations with Aberfeldy single malt whisky, where each expression adds a distinctive touch to your festivities, embodying the essence of tradition in every sip. To get your hands on these exceptional single malts, just head to any Jaya Grocer outlets and conveniently pick-up a bottle for yourself to enjoy with your loved ones this festive season. But, if you prefer the ease of online shopping, Aberfeldy is proudly featured on popular e-commerce platforms, Lazada and Shopee.