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NICORETTE - Make a Change This New Year and Kick Butts Together!


Nicorette invites smokers to kick off this brand new year with a resolution to quit smoking. Understanding that smoking is a psychological battle, Nicorette is here to support Malaysians throughout your quitting journey by being there with you every step of the way. With Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRTs) now readily available to be purchased over-the-counter in most major pharmacies in Malaysia, the best time is now to take the first step towards quitting your smoking habit with NICORETTE®.

Curbing the nation’s smoking addiction

“Quitting smoking is a tough journey, and we recognize the importance of providing support to smokers in their quit attempt. As close partners with mQuit services and Ministry of Health (MOH), NICORETTE® is committed to supporting smokers by making it easier to achieve a smoke-free life. With Nicorette now readily available in more shopper touchpoints, we are changing the landscape of quit aid products to provide greater access and support for smokers,” said Stephen Tiu, General Manager of Malaysia and Singapore, Kenvue.

Kick the smoking habit with NICORETTE®

NICORETTE® is a popular form of NRTs, offering three products to aid in smoking cessation: NICORETTE® QuickMist Nicotine Spray, NICORETTE® Invisi Transdermal Patch, and NICORETTE® Gum. For the newly introduced NICORETTE® QuickMist, it is available through pharmacists or obtainable by prescription from a doctor. On the other hand, NICORETTE® Invisi Transdermal Patch and NICORETTE® Gum can be purchased over-the-counter for added convenience.

“With the full range of NICORETTE® now easily available, we are providing support to smokers such as help in relieving withdrawal symptoms and reducing nicotine cravings, which people often experience when they first attempt to stop smoking. With the correct usage of NRTs, they can increase their chances of quitting smoking successfully” explained Tiu. 

Introducing NICORETTE® Quickmist

NICORETTE® introduces its latest NRT solution - NICORETTE® QuickMist, a portable, handheld mouth spray designed to relieve cravings from just 301 seconds, providing fast nicotine

craving relief for those looking to quit smoking. NICORETTE® QuickMist delivers 1mg of nicotine per spray, absorbed into the body through the lining of the mouth for fast relief. The good news is: it is proven to increase quit-success. The NICORETTE® QuickMist is available through pharmacists or under a doctor’s prescription.

“Challenges that patients experience during their quit smoking journey, such as nicotine withdrawal symptoms, relapse, or psychological dependence are common. They embark on the journey to quit, often unaware that support extends beyond mere willpower alone. Previous unsuccessful attempts can lead to doubts about the ability to quit, making subsequent attempts more challenging. At Kenvue, we remain committed to supporting wider access to medically approved methods that aid our consumers in quitting smoking,” said Dr Ashley Barlow, Senior Director, Head of Medical Affairs & Clinical Sciences, Asia Pacific.

Ready to kick butts together? 

Join us for a smoke-free adventure!