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Let’s Get Lost and Find Ourselves


Pack your bags, it’s time to see the world once more!

No matter what the vibe, no matter what the speed, traveling has always been one of the most popular things on everyone’s list of things to do… perhaps even more so with the days of post-pandemic revenge travel giving way to purposeful travel. With travellers eschewing an ‘anything goes’ ethos for trips that offer meaningful experiences, cultural immersion and personal fulfilment throughout their journeys, picking the right travel buddy has never been more important. 

When combing through different lists of what makes a travel companion perfect for your trip, several common qualities emerge; flexibility, sharing interests, low-maintenance, even independence. Not one of these lists however spoke about the ideal type of technology you’ll need to make a vacation one you never want to return from and we’re about to change all that.


Planning A Holiday is Hard Work

Planning for a vacation can be a labour-intensive task - according to a global survey of more than 5,700 travellers commissioned by Expedia Group, the average traveller spends more than five hours researching a trip and reviews 141 pages of content. If only there were a single solution that can not only plan whole itineraries, but also arrange accommodations and transit, prepare a budget and even function as a personal travel assistant for when you’re on the road. 

But if you think we’re going to pull back the curtain and say, “Here’s AI to the rescue!”, you need to hold your horses because we’re not quite there yet. The options that we currently have however do take much of the planning work out of your hands. For example, Tripadvisor has launched a web-based, AI-powered travel itinerary maker called Trips while has updated its TripGenie chatbot, which responds to text and voice requests, shows images and maps, and provides links for bookings.

Leave Only Footprints, Take Only Memories

If you’re all about that, no one’s going to stop you from lugging around your DSLR and your various lenses even though keeping them safe all the time does become another source of travel stress all on its own. You’d be far better off with a smartphone camera that does all of the photography work for you while you lived actual memories. 

With a variety of AI powered features, the Galaxy S23 series provides a wide array of brilliant AI enhanced photography opportunities all over the world – fire dancers on the beaches of Boracay, traffic light trails of bustling Barcelona streets at night, the steadfast calm of a pedestrian waiting to cross the chaos of Shibuya crossing. And you can capture all of that with only one feature, Long Exposure. Of course, there are many other AI enhanced photography features for you to experiment with (hint: take Nightography with you in major cities around the world), so you’ll have to do that at your own pace.

Back to Reality

There’s nothing more sobering than having to get back to your routines right after a vacation (not everyone can live like a Kardashian) For everyone else, there’s Bixby — an AI-powered virtual assistant designed for Samsung devices that can perform a wide range of tasks, from sending messages and making calls to setting alarms and providing weather updates. Its deep integration with Samsung’s ecosystem further allows users to control various device functions through voice commands, making it a powerful productivity tool for Samsung users.


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