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Experience Together, Connect Forever: Strengthen Family Bonds with Samsung Galaxy A15 and A25 5G


In today's fast-paced world, staying connected with family has never been more important. Show your love and appreciation for your family by gifting them the Galaxy A15 and A25 5G this February, the month of love. These smartphones are tools for strengthening bonds and creating lasting memories.

Exceptional Camera Technology for Memorable Family Moments

Preserve your family's most cherished moments with the exceptional camera capabilities of the Galaxy A15 and A25 5G. Featuring a main 50MP camera and enhanced optical image stabilization (OIS) exclusive to the A25 5G, this smartphone ensures clear and steady shots, even in challenging conditions. The Galaxy A25 5G goes a step further with Super Steady Mode, guaranteeing smooth and stable video recording to capture lively family activities with precision.

Ensuring Family Security with Samsung Knox

Samsung prioritizes the security of your personal information, safeguarding your cherished memories and love notes. The Galaxy A15 and A25 5G boast Samsung's signature Knox Vault—a secure sanctuary for your PINs, passwords, and patterns, offering protection that sets the mood for family gatherings and celebrations. Seamlessly activated whenever a user password, pattern, or PIN is registered, Knox Vault ensures that your personal information remains safeguarded at all times. Relax and enjoy your special occasions with peace of mind, knowing that your digital security is in good hands. And for effortless security, let Samsung's Auto Blocker take the reins, ensuring a worry-free smartphone experience by blocking potential threats automatically.

Samsung Wallet: Enhancing Family Experiences with Exclusive Rewards

With Samsung Wallet, your family can indulge in exclusive rewards and savings on everyday purchases, enhancing your shared experiences. Whether it's a cozy movie night at home or a delightful dinner out, you can seamlessly turn your spending into a rewarding journey while creating enduring memories. Offering an affordable digital wallet option, Samsung Wallet ensures that every moment spent together is not only memorable but also budget-friendly, with rebates and incentives to sweeten the deal.

This Week’s Rewards: Shopee RM20 Off Voucher – Limited Stock

Aside from rebates, you can utilise your points for on-going rewards at the same time – weekly vouchers, promotions, many more. This week, Galaxy A15 and A25 5G users can claim Shopee RM20 Off voucher starting from 19th February 2024 . Here's how to redeem:

1. Register/Login to Samsung Members app.

2. Navigate to the Benefits Tab within the app.

3. Look for the designated banner and click on it.

4. Download the voucher and watch your savings stack up!

Grab them now to enjoy this attractive discount for your next movie date. Weekly vouchers are available while stocks last. Terms and Conditions apply.

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