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LISTERINE® Total Care: A must to Have at Anytime

 As the Lunar New Year approaches, usher in the Year of the Dragon with a radiant smile and the assurance of fresher breath. LISTERINE® Total Care invites you to embrace this festive season with confidence, bidding farewell to lurking plaque and embracing its 10-in-1 benefits designed to safeguard against common oral issues. Let the festivities begin as you confidently celebrate with a healthier, more vibrant smile.

5x More Plaque Reduction with LISTERINE® Total Care

Experience a prosperous start to the new year with LISTERINE® Total Care, providing 5x more plaque reduction compared to brushing and flossing alone. Recognizing that a healthy body begins with a healthy mouth, LISTERINE® Total Care is clinically proven to clean and protect with 10-in-1 benefits for total oral health. Clinical studies affirm that swishing with LISTERINE® mouthwash twice daily for 30 seconds reduces plaque by five times compared to brushing and flossing alone, underscoring its pivotal role in completing an effective oral health regimen.

The 10-in-1 benefits include 99.9% germ-kill power, up to 24-hour germ protection, support for gum health, cavity prevention, and overall mouth cleanliness. As you celebrate the Lunar New Year, LISTERINE® Total Care ensures that you confidently showcase a radiant smile and enjoy the festivities without oral health concerns.

LISTERINE®’s Sustainability Efforts

in addition to prioritizing oral health, LISTERINE® is committed to a sustainable future. The Total Care and Total Care Mild Taste (Zero Alcohol) bottles are made with 30% recycled plastic, designed for 100% recyclability. These eco-friendly formulations prioritize a gentle impact on waterways and boast an impressive 98% biodegradability rate. Celebrate the Lunar New Year with a brand that cares not only for your oral health but also for the planet.

This Lunar New Year, embark on a journey of confident smiles and fresh beginnings with LISTERINE® Total Care. As you welcome the Year of the Dragon, prioritize your oral health with a mouthwash that not only provides exceptional benefits but also aligns with sustainability efforts. Celebrate the festivities with confidence, knowing that LISTERINE® Total Care is your trusted companion for a healthier, brighter smile. May the Lunar New Year bring you prosperity, good health, and smiles that radiate with confidence!