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Nancy Sit and Shila Amzah Collaborate for the First Time on Lunar New Year Song "Year Of The Yo”

  Beloved Hong Kong artiste, Nancy Sit, and Malaysian pop sensation Shila Amzah join forces for the first time to release a Lunar New Year song titled "Year Of The Yo." The music video is set to premiere on January 8. Nancy Sit, Shila Amzah, and the lyricist-producer Jonathan Wong held an online press conference today, offering Malaysian media a sneak peek at the music video while sharing anecdotes from the recording and filming sessions.

The collaboration between Nancy Sit and Shila Amzah for a New Year song emerged during discussions for a film production. The two instantly clicked, leading to the idea of releasing a New Year song ahead of their upcoming film. Nancy Sit revealed that the film, in which both she and Shila Amzah are cast as leads, will be shot in Malaysia and is scheduled for a 2025 Lunar New Year release. The film is expected to take a heartwarming and comedic approach, with Nancy Sit stating, "This is my first time collaborating with a Malaysian singer in a movie, and I hope to do well. Currently, we are still in the deep stages of script development."

Discussing the song recording process, Nancy Sit shared that Jonathan Wong set high standards, requiring her to redo her lines multiple times. In a lighthearted moment, she mentioned being playfully hit in the stomach by Wong, saying, "He wanted me to sing a certain part of the song using my core, believing it would sound better. He gave my stomach a little tap, but I think he should have done it more, so I can sing even better." Despite her previous experience in singing New Year songs, she expressed that this collaboration raised her musical proficiency, attributing it to working with Wong and Shila Amzah.

Shila Amzah admitted to the challenges of singing in Cantonese, stating it's more challenging than singing in Mandarin due to the variety of tones. She praised Wong for changing Cantonese lyrics into musical notes to help her quickly grasp the pronunciation. Wong praised Shila saying, "She has a strong musical sense, and she learned and sang accurately right away." 

Confident about the chorus part of the song, Shila Amzah added, "I believe Malaysian fans will love it," expressing excitement about hearing their song playing in malls.

The song features a reference to the "Lou Sang" culture, which involves tossing and mixing ingredients during the Lunar New Year for good luck. Wong revealed that the first draft of the lyrics did not include this cultural reference. He said, "Producer TP Lim suggested incorporating the 'Lou Sang' culture. Initially, I couldn't find a way to include it, so I decided to write a completely new section for 'Lou Sang.'" He also disclosed that the lyrics and music were a collaborative effort, and the Malay rap section was a last-minute addition written by Shila, upon the suggestion of Nancy Sit.

During the filming of the "Year Of The Yo" music video, Nancy Sit was praised for her exceptional stamina, dancing for 2 to 3 hours without complaining. She jokingly mentioned, "I started my makeup at 6 am, and we shot the MV until 9 pm. Both Shila and I had sore feet, but we didn't wish to complain." She humbly emphasized that "if we complained, we wouldn't be able to finish the shoot on time. So we decided to push forward and I think the outcome is quite good!”

Produced by Infinitus Entertainment, Sunstrong Entertainment, and Woohoo Pictures, with main sponsorship from premium coffee brand Chek Hup, and Pavilion Hotel as the official hotel, "Year Of The Yo有有有" blends traditional and modern pop styles, highlighting Malaysia's unique "Lou Sang" culture. The lyrics incorporate various languages, including Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and Malay.

Additionally, Nancy Sit and Shila Amzah will host a fan meet-and-greet event for "Year Of The Yo有有有" on January 27 (Saturday) at 2 p.m. at Sunway Velocity, providing an opportunity for Malaysian fans to celebrate the early Lunar New Year. 

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