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Celebrate CNY with Coca Cola

Coca-Cola invites everyone, especially the younger generation, to bridge the generational divide and celebrate the Chinese New Year in an interactive and meaningful way. This Chinese New Year, Coca-Cola is all set to break the ice and foster connections, encouraging individuals to find unexpected common ground with their families over a table laden with delectable meals and ice-cold Coca-Cola. 

Chinese New Year, a time for family reunions bringing joy and happiness, often casts a spotlight on the generational differences within families. As an enduring presence at mealtimes across generations, Coca-Cola steps in to facilitate shared experiences and meaningful conversations, bringing families closer together. 

This year's campaign is designed to resonate with a wide audience, from Gen Zs to millennials. It features the striking dragon design, this year's zodiac symbol, on Coca-Cola product packaging. The dragon, a symbol of wealth and good fortune, embodies the spirit of the Chinese New Year – a time for luck, well-wishing, and anticipation of a prosperous year ahead. 

Coca-Cola aims to create that Chinese New Year magic using the tradition of wish-giving, a symbol of rediscovering each other and bringing families closer. This is encapsulated in the interactive Dragon AR filter available on Facebook (LINK) and Instagram (LINK), an engaging way for young people to send well-wishes to their loved ones. Users can select from eight wishes that light up the AR dragon, creating an interactive, shared experience. 


The campaign is further brought to life with influencer partnerships and engaging nationwide outdoor digital displays, broadening its reach and appeal. Coca-Cola is set to take the magic of the Chinese New Year to the streets, fostering a sense of unity and connection. 

At Pavilion KL and KLCC Cubig Junction, the public can witness a stunning digital Coca-Cola dragon come to life, a remarkable blend of 3D art, innovation, and festivity. 

The new dragon-themed packaging of Coca‑Cola Rasa Asli – Kurang Kalori and Coca-Cola Tanpa Gula available only for this Chinese New Year. Grab your 320ml cans from your favourite stores and e-commerce sites nationwide. Spend RM38 and above on participating brands and stand to win limited-edition gold-plated dragon cans.

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