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HONOR Magic6 Pro captures Safawi, Akhyar with 180MP HONOR Tele-falcon Camera

National football players Safawi Rasid and Akhyar Rashid take center stage, showcasing their skills through the lens of the revolutionary 180MP HONOR Tele-falcon Camera on the HONOR Magic6 Pro.

Even exciting, the duo was appointed as HONOR's Experience Officers for the HONOR Magic6 Pro. Both players expressed amazement with the fast action capabilities of the HONOR Tele-falcon Camera System feature. 

The HONOR Magic6 Pro is set to claim the spotlight as the next flagship in the already impressive HONOR lineup. Here's a glimpse of the handful features of the HONOR Magic6 Pro.

1. Magic Camera - 180MP HONOR Tele-falcon Camera
The 180MP HONOR Tele-falcon Camera is designed for stunning snapshots, particularly in sports photography. Telephoto lenses, like the one on the HONOR Magic6 Pro, are favored by professionals for capturing impactful shots during sports events, producing unique and compelling images. It offers a 2.5x Optical Zoom and 100x Digital Zoom, perfect for capturing sports moments in detail. 


The HONOR Magic6 Pro, with its 50MP Super Dynamic Falcon Main Camera and 50MP Ultra-wide Camera, is equipped with imaging intelligence ideal for sports photography. In action shots featuring Safawi and Akhyar, the camera captures their lightning-fast moves with crystal-clear precision, showcasing the device's capabilities for action sports photography.

2. Magic Screen - HONOR NanoCrystal Shield
For the best user experience, the HONOR Magic6 Pro’s industry-leading NanoCrystal Shield sets new standards for durability, further backed by the industry-leading 6.8-inch All-range Low-power LTPO Eye Comfort Display for visual comfort.

Whether watching favorite sports event or scrolling through social media, the HONOR Magic6 Pro's immersive 4320Hz PWM Dimming, which is also the industry’s highest with TÜV Rheinland Flicker Free Certification gives assurance for viewing pleasure. 

The NanoCrystal Shield is further certified by 5 Star Certification SGS Glass Drop Resistance Ability and is the first full-screen Always On Display among Android devices, stamping the position of the HONOR Magic6 Pro as a ‘magical’ smartphone.

3. Magic Battery - 5600mAh Second Generation Silicon-Carbon Battery 
Say goodbye to power drainage worries to the powerful 5600mAh Second Generation Silicon-Carbon battery in the HONOR Magic6 Pro. This battery ensures longer durations with minimal downtime. Supported by an 80W HONOR Wired SuperCharge and exceptional low-temperature performance, the HONOR Magic6 Pro can be fully charged in under 40 minutes, keeping users powered up and ready for whatever the day brings.

4. Magic Experience – HONOR’s MagicOS 8.0 featuring AI-powered Magic Portal
A simple tap on the notifications banner at the top of the screen expands the Magic Capsule, providing additional information and related options. This feature grants users’ instant access to essential resources, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple apps and maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Meanwhile, Magic Portal is a feature powered by AI that understands user messaging and behavior, simplifying complex tasks into just one step. For instance, Magic Portal's AI quickly recognizes addresses in a text message and directs users to Google Maps for easy navigation. In social media like TikTok and Facebook, Magic Portal also makes it easier to access and share information.

Don't miss out on the HONOR Magic6 Pro, a flagship phone that photography enthusiasts will surely appreciate. Stay tuned for the official launch which will be announced soon! For the latest updates on the upcoming HONOR Magic6 Pro, visit