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Women Airbnb Hosts in Malaysia earn RM217 million in 2023

 As the world celebrates International Women’s Day this month, Airbnb is recognizing its women Hosts and their contributions to the community – by empowering other women, fostering diversity and inclusion, and driving crucial economic growth.

Here are some ways in which Malaysian women Hosts on Airbnb truly shone in 2023:

Earnings: In Malaysia, women Hosts earned over RM217.9 million in 2023 through hosting on Airbnb

Five-star ratings: As compared to 2022, women Hosts in Malaysia received a higher share of five-star reviews in 2023.

“This International Women’s Day, Airbnb celebrates the incredible women on our platform, from our passionate Hosts to our intrepid guests. We remain committed to supporting our community of women Hosts and guests, to pursue their lifelong passion for entrepreneurship and exploration, and in doing so, help drive Malaysian tourism forward,” said Mich Goh, Airbnb’s Head of Public Policy of Southeast Asia, India, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Key data highlights include2:

Categories: In 2023, the top five categories of stays booked by Malaysian women travelers were amazing pools, tropical stays, stays in iconic cities, stays in national parks and stays with amazing views.

Most booked domestic cities: When it comes to traveling locally, Kuala Lumpur topped the list as the most booked domestic city by women guests on Airbnb, followed by Petaling Jaya, Johor Bahru and Penang.

Most booked international cities: In terms of Malaysians’ most booked international destinations, London ranked #1 as women travelers’ favorite city, followed by Bangkok, Melbourne, Taipei and Seoul.

Trending cities: Kulim, Kedah and Kulai, Johor were the top trending domestic destinations among women guests in Malaysia, with an increase of over 22% in nights booked year over year by domestic women guests in 2023.

In 2023, Malaysian women travelers preferred to travel in pairs (over 30%) for trips usually lasting from between two to six nights. The majority of nights booked by women guests came from those aged 25 to 39, who make up approximately two thirds of all Malaysian women travellers on Airbnb.