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Centara shakes up Asia’s bar scene with innovative and inspiring social venues

 Imagine stepping into a kitchen and feeling the effortless flow of culinary creativity. Whether you’re upgrading your home kitchen to enhance functionality or transitioning your culinary space into a commercial dining venture, achieving the ideal balance of style and practicality is crucial.  

Discover how to enrich your kitchen experience by infusing a touch of gourmet luxury from your surroundings into every meal and moment through Chef Raymond Tham’s of one Michelin star restaurant Beta KL, latest venture, Skillet 2.0 — a modern European restaurant that features TK06 Marmorio from the Dekton Pietra collection by Cosentino. Explore ways to enhance your gourmet kitchen space to complement your culinary journey.

Open Kitchen Concept: Creating An Intimate Space For Guest And Chef Interaction

An open dining concept is an excellent way to cultivate a sense of togetherness that traditional enclosed spaces often lack. It fosters strong bonds with your guests as you prepare and serve delectable dishes. At Skillet 2.0, where the guest experience is of utmost importance, Chef Raymond and his team aim to provide the ultimate dining journey. 

From the moment guests step through the door, greeted by floral wall arrangements reflecting the seasonal theme of the meal experience, to the open kitchen boasting the Dekton TK06 Marmorio countertop, every detail is designed to offer an immersive culinary encounter. According to Chef Raymond, "Guests can observe the chefs' movements and food preparations up close, providing them with a truly intimate experience.”

Immersive Modern European Dining Aesthetics: An Ultimate Gourmet Experience

A memorable culinary experience extends beyond the food to include the surroundings. Skillet 2.0, a modern fine dining restaurant renowned for its European cuisine, prioritises creating an immersive environment that complements the gourmet dishes crafted by Chef Raymond and his team.  

The main dining hall drew inspiration from the Roman Domus featuring a square and uplight ceiling that seamlessly complements the aesthetics of Dekton, which is incorporated into different parts of the kitchen. These countertops not only provide a “functional work surface but also serve as pieces of art.” Inspired by Travertino Navona, the quintessential Roman stone, the classic elegance of the Dekton TK06 Marmorio allows the guests to be fully immersed in the contemporary European atmosphere as they savour each bite of Chef Raymond’s delightful cuisines.

From Pastries To Hot Dishes: Crafting A Sustainable Kitchen Countertop For Varied Temperatures

For those who enjoy preparing a diverse range of dishes, from chilled pastries to piping hot entrees, selecting a durable kitchen countertop that offers versatility is essential. Whether you're a home cook or a professional chef like Chef Raymond, who oversees a team of diverse chefs at Skillet 2.0, having a countertop that can accommodate a variety of culinary creations is crucial. From Chef Raymond's signature dishes like Texture of Chocolate to a wide array of culinary delights, investing in a sustainable kitchen countertop made with materials like Dekton by Cosentino, that is durable, highly resistant to heat and ensures that you are equipped to handle any dining occasion with ease and efficiency

Creating A Culinary Workstation That Tailors To More Than One Chef

As the heart of the kitchen lies in the skill and creativity of its people, it's crucial to have a station where culinary ideas can be brainstormed, created, and brought to life. Chef Raymond understands the importance of a well-designed workspace for his team at Skillet 2.0 to deliver the best culinary experiences for guests. Hence, to accommodate his chefs, he ensures the workstation is thoughtfully planned to optimise workflow and minimise unnecessary movements. He also considers the height-adjustable countertops and clear pathways for ease of movement yet with sufficient working spaces for his chefs to work. Additionally, he prioritises a bright and inspiring environment to keep his chefs motivated, with the kitchen designed with Dekton contributing to the overall style and aesthetics of the space. 

To learn how to build your own state-of-the-art kitchen and incorporate Cosentino into your culinary space, visit Cosentino for more information.