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Samsung's 2024 The Frame TV & Music Frame Now Available in Malaysia


Samsung’s latest offering, the All-new Music Frame and the 2024 The Frame TV, are revolutionary concepts that seamlessly blend captivating artwork with immersive sound. These innovative products are more than just devices, they are statement pieces that elevate your entire living space.

Beyond the Screen: The Frame TV

Transform your living space into a captivating art gallery with The Frame TV. This innovative display transcends television, transforming into a stunning work of art when not in use. Dive into the world of art with Samsung Art Store - Streams, where you'll discover a constantly updated collection of masterpieces curated from leading artists and institutions.

The Frame's captivating matte display showcases every detail of your chosen artwork with stunning clarity, blurring the lines between reality and masterpiece. Plus, personalize your art experience with a customizable frame that complements your décor and style. Enjoy exceptional picture quality and immersive sound, seamlessly integrating art and entertainment into your everyday life.


Art for the Eyes, Music for the Soul: Introducing the Music Frame

Gone are the days when speakers were mere functional devices tucked away in corners. The Music Frame redefines what a speaker can be. This cutting-edge device features dual built-in woofers that deliver a rich, immersive sound experience, perfect for any music enthusiast. Whether you’re hosting a lively gathering or unwinding after a long day, the Music Frame ensures your favourite tunes are delivered with precision, further enhanced by Dolby Atmos technology. Experience multi-dimensional sound that fills your room, transporting you to the heart of the music. 

But the magic doesn’t stop at sound. It boasts a sleek and minimalist design, that acts as a customizable art display, seamlessly blending into your home decor. Plus, it seamlessly integrates into your smart home ecosystem, allowing you to control playback, adjust volume and even curate your playlist using the SmartThings app - all controlled effortlessly from your smartphone.


A Symphony of Innovation

Both The Frame TV and Music Frame seamlessly integrate into your smart home ecosystem, allowing you to control playback, adjust volume, and even curate your playlist using the SmartThings app. Additionally, Samsung's Q-Symphony technology allows the Music Frame to synchronize with your Samsung TV and soundbar, creating a harmonious audio experience that fills your space with surround sound. Whether you’re watching a movie or enjoying a playlist, the synchronization ensures that notes and dialogues are heard with perfect clarity.

These innovative products are conversation starters, mood setters, and testaments to Samsung's commitment to innovation. So, ditch the ordinary and embrace a world where art and audio collide in perfect harmony. 

Ready to transform your living space? Elevate your home entertainment with these offers until 30 June 2024 : 

Music Frame: Save RM500 with our PWP promotion when you purchase selected Samsung TV .

The Frame: Get up to RM800 in Touch n Go eWallet credit and a free bezel worth up to RM899 .

Explore the all-new Samsung Music Frame and The Frame TV to discover a new dimension of art, music, and style!

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 Samsung Music Frame 

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