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Imase 1st Asia Tour 'Shiki' in Malaysia

 Organized by Gorgeous Entertainment and ACO MEDIA, the "imase 1st Asia Tour ‘Shiki’ in Kuala Lumpur" successfully concluded on June 20 at Zepp Kuala Lumpur. Performing in Malaysia for the first time, imase not only showcased a series of captivating songs but also actively interacted with Malaysian fans in Malay.

The concert was themed around Japan’s "Four Seasons." During the event, imase introduced this concept, inviting fans to experience the essence of Japan’s "Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter." The setlist was categorized by seasons, and imase changed into various costumes that reflected each seasonal theme, providing the audience with a dual sensory experience of sight and sound.

The concert began with Imase performing three consecutive songs: "Pale Rain," "Nagisa," and "Utopia." To better connect with his Malaysian fans, he prepared a short script in Malay, enthusiastically greeting them with phrases like “Apa khabar semua! Nama saya imase!” (How are you all? My name is imase), “Adakah anda semua tidak sabar untuk hari ini?” (Are you all excited for today?), “Saya sangat excited untuk berjumpa dengan anda semua” (I am very excited to meet you all), “Hari ini, jom! enjoy sama-sama ya!” (Today, let’s enjoy together), and “Mari kita have fun sampai habis!” (Let’s have fun till the end), making the fans feel very welcomed.

Additionally, imase praised the Malay fans for their proficiency in Japanese, noting the similar pronunciation between Malay and Japanese, which made him feel a close connection with them. He frequently used Malay during the concert to thank all the fans for their support and even performed a Malay song, "Masing-masing," which delighted the audience.

With his hit song "NIGHT DANCER" amassing over a hundred million views globally, imase electrified the concert atmosphere with this track, encouraging the fans to sing along. During the performance of "Holy Light," he collaborated with the fans on creating a cheer slogan and performed several famous songs, including "Demone Tamaniwa," "Escape," and "Have a Nice Day."

Moreover, he engaged with the fans by asking questions like, “What are the must-buy souvenirs in Malaysia?” and selected a few fans from the audience to answer. The band members also asked questions about “their favorite Japanese sports” and “favorite Japanese food,” creating a warm and enjoyable atmosphere.

imase also took the opportunity to promote his latest album "BONSAI," which will be released in May. He concluded the concert with three songs from the album: "BONSAI," "LIT," and "Heroine," leaving unforgettable memories for his Malaysian fans.