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Pioneer Technology (M) Sdn Bhd, a leader in aftermarket car audio, today launched its proprietary all-in-one car multimedia application, the Pioneer Advanced Remote Control (ARC), which allows users to access various multimedia sources (radio, third party music apps and even video) via a centralized user interface. The Pioneer ARC is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, and can be used with Pioneer’s 2016 line of CD and digital media receivers.

Eight new CD receivers in various configurations are available: DEH-X6850BT, DEH-X4850BT, DEH-X4850FD, DEH-X3850UI, DEH-X2850UI, DEH-X1853UB, DEH-X1850UB and FH-X385UB. For car owners who do not require disc playback, Pioneer offers two new digital media receivers: MVH-X285FD and MVH-X185UI. All models combine superb sound quality with best-in-class smartphone connectivity synonymous with the Pioneer brand, while significantly enhancing third-party application compatibility and user convenience.

“We have designed the Pioneer ARC app to deliver a more seamless and complete in-car entertainment experience. When used with our latest receivers, drivers and passengers can enjoy audio with greater finesse from a broader selection of content, extending beyond just music and other traditional audio sources," said Mr. Raymond Lee, Sales and Marketing General Manager of Pioneer Technology (M) Sdn Bhd.

All 2016 models also share the following new innovative and exciting enhancements:


Today, traditional USB connection is limited to rudimentary music playback, but with the introduction of Pioneer ARC and Android Open Accessory 2.0 (AOA 2.0) support, Pioneer is able to push the boundaries in terms of third-party application compatibility and user convenience.

·    Pioneer ARC – For iPhone and Android smartphones, this free application offers a complete in-car entertainment solution, optimised for accessing content from both the receiver and connected device via USB. Android phone owners also have the flexibility to go completely wireless by utilising a Bluetooth connection.

Through its intuitive graphical interface, users can conveniently select all audio sources like FM radio, browse and playback music files, as well as access YouTube and other popular content.

It is also possible to view handy textual information like album, artist and folder names from the head unit, on top of navigating the app’s menu directly by utilising the on-board dial and buttons (two-way control).

·  AOA2.0 – Integrating this communication protocol enables the receivers to receive audio signals from a compatible Android[4] smartphone, leveraging a USB-over-audio function. This provides similar third-party application compatibility like Pioneer ARC.


The newly incorporated USB Auto On-Off function lets users recharge their smartphones. Switching it on automatically initiates music playback via the device when it is connected to the USB port. With the feature enabled, users can charge their smartphones and listen to music on their devices at the same time. When the function is disabled, users can charge their devices and continue enjoying other sources of music, such as CD, FM radio, and Bluetooth audio, without interruption.


All 2016 Pioneer CD and digital media receivers have been upgraded to a 13-digit LCD screen, which is not only useful for displaying long song titles without scrolling, but also for reflecting active Bluetooth connection like audio streaming and hands-free voice call.
Note: Pioneer’s DEH-X6850BT and DEH-X3850UI receivers also support multi-colour illumination, adding visual dynamism to the in-car entertainment experience.


Packing 100W x 4 maximum power, the DEH-X4850FD and MVH-X285FD have the headroom for higher sound quality and volume, while lowering the overall cost for car owners by eliminating the need for a separate amplifier. Thanks to class FD technology, both models can also play music at exceptionally high volume with almost negligible distortion.


Also demonstrating Pioneer's unique expertise in audio technology to bring the finest listening pleasure are:

·         MIXTRAX – Pioneer's revolutionary MIXTRAX® virtual DJ technology transforms a music library into a nonstop DJ mix, inserting transitions and effects automatically to string together tunes from an iPhone, iPod or USB storage device. To truly recreate a club experience, users can also set the illumination and display to pulsate and change colour, according to the tempo and intensity of the music.

·         Advanced Sound Retriever (ASR) – ASR compensates for the shortcomings of compressed audio formats, such as MP3, by restoring the original clarity and nuances of music as the artist intended it.

·         Comprehensive Music File Support – All Pioneer receivers are compatible with most of the popular music file formats available today.

·         Two-phone Bluetooth Pairing – All Bluetooth-enabled Pioneer receivers are equipped to allow up to two phones to be connected simultaneously for hands-free voice calls.

·         Wireless Audio Browsing – Once connected by Bluetooth, drivers can search their music library through the head unit display without touching their iOS and Android smartphone[6], leading to greater user convenience and a safer drive.


Pioneer DEH-X6850BT CD receiver: RM 698
Pioneer DEH-X4850BT CD receiver: RM 638
Pioneer DEH-X4850FD CD receiver: Price not available at time of listing. Please check with Pioneer directly.
Pioneer DEH-X3850UI CD receiver: RM 598
Pioneer DEH-X2850UI CD receiver: RM 538
Pioneer DEH-X1853UB CD receiver: RM 518
Pioneer DEH-X1850UB CD receiver: RM 498
Pioneer FH-X385UB CD receiver: Price not available at time of listing. Please check with Pioneer directly.
Pioneer MVH-X185UI digital media receiver: RM 298

Pioneer MVH-X285FD digital media receiver: Price not available at time of listing. Please check with Pioneer directly.

The new 2016 Pioneer CD and Digital Media Receivers are now available at Pioneer authorised dealers.

The Pioneer ARC app will be available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play from 1 October 2015.

For more updates on these products, please visit the Pioneer Facebook page at