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Organizing Workspace

Every now and then I will have my stationery check together with everything in home. This week will have my stationery check and make sure everything in order just in case Grace need to use some of the stationery like pencil, pens, eraser and all.

Grace will have her own set of stationery but is just a pencil. eraser and ruler. Anything more than that, will need to come over to my stationery space to get some of her stuff.. So, I had arrange them all in order so that she can easily access to it.

Here you go. We will actually have one box to put all the  pens, markers and highlighters where she is not using though. And a slot for pencil and eraser together. Another slots will be for magic ink, color pencil and also clips and stapler.

As for my workspace aside from all those stationery i hve my things all in boxes where i reuse them from the boxes of mooncakes. I will have one box to cater for those USB pendrives and also calculators, chargers, and many others. Another will be for penknives and more. There is boxes for name cards and also my travel collection which is the keychains. All are put in boxes and some blank files just incase I need it.

Next round, will be telling you on maybe my other spaces round the home to make sure things are in orders. Stay tune..