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Over 50% of Malaysians Will Spend as Low as RM50 on Valentine’s Gifts

Attention boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives! It’s the time of the year again to express your love and appreciation for your other halves. With the romantic day in less than two weeks away, Lazada Malaysia recently ran a survey to unearth the latest Malaysian gift purchasing habits for Valentine’s Day. The survey saw a majority of middle income earners aged between 25 to 40 years old.

1.    Frugality Is The New Thing

Out of the total respondents, more than 50% of them are willing to spend within the RM50 to RM200 budget on gifts for their partners, while only less than 20% are prepared to splurge and spend above RM200 this 14th of February. Guess this proves that it’s the thought behind the gifts that counts for most Malaysians or maybe we’re just going on a low budget streak this year.

2.    We Are a Generation of Techies

The survey also indicates that close to 40% of them would love to receive electronic gadgets such as mobile phones instead of the traditional flowers and chocolates. 35% of the respondents on the other hand would be happy to receive fashion items this Valentine’s Day. Perhaps, this is a good time to spoil your significant other with the latest tech gadgets or beauty accessories and jewelries.

3.    Love Is In The Online Space

Another interesting finding is that many of them conduct online research on what to get for their partners before purchasing any gifts. More than 40% are swayed by online advertisements on social media when considering what gifts to buy. Not surprising since we spend most of our time online anyways.

4.    Malaysians Are Last Minute Shoppers

The survey shows that Malaysians are last minute shoppers with more than 50% of them would only shop for gifts 7 days before Valentine’s Day and 15% of the respondents would purchase the gifts on the day itself! Maybe it’s the busy lifestyle, indecisiveness or the no-idea-what-to-get for the significant other that make most of the respondents put their Valentine’s Day shopping at the bottom of the to-do list.

In line with these insights, Lazada Malaysia is having its Valentine’s Day sales starting now until 14th February. No more keychains, hairpins or spatulas for your partner this Valentine’s Day. Time to step up the game and get your loved ones a nice present even if you are on a tight budget.  From couple cell phone case covers and various gifts For Him and For Her, Lazada has the perfect gift for your partners in crime. If you are in the singles club, go ahead and pamper yourselves or shower your fellow single friends with unique and fun gifts such as ‘Grow Your Own Boyfriend’ and OH Boyfriend Arm Funny Soft Cushion.
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