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Being a Busy Mom Doesn't Mean You Have to Give Up on Fitness

As a new parent, your schedule is always packed. You love being in shape though, so it'd be great to find a happy medium that satisfied your fitness cravings.

Fortunately, there are many excellent ways to sneak regular activity into your timetable and still have room for everything else on your plate. Here are just a few ideas to try.

Rethink Your Workout Routine
Workouts are great because they get you into a Zen-like mental state that transports you away from the stresses of daily life. If you can't find time to migrate to your peaceful place, try making your refuge more accessible by switching up the way you work out.

For instance, try adding yoga to your weekly workout routine. Since you can practice anywhere, you can still be close to your child if you're taking care of them for the day. Unlike many workouts, basic stretching and similar routines also don't require a lot of preparation or equipment, so you can jump into them whenever you have a free moment. Yoga is also a good way to calm down when life gets hectic, which makes it way easier to find time for other things.

Identify a More Equitable Parenting Schedule
If you're fortunate enough to have a co-parent, don't be afraid to make them assume some of the responsibility. Moms shouldn't be the only ones who work to take care of kids, and once dads actually have to pitch in on a regular basis, they start to gain a healthy respect for your need for time.

Sure, exercising while the baby is sleeping is a workable idea, but if you're both at home, then there's no reason why all of the load should rest on your shoulders. Draw a line in the sand early by demanding that your partner agrees to an even division of parenting duties to find more time for essential self-upkeep.

Make Normal Activities More Active
Do you live in a location where you can walk to the store or complete other basic errands on foot? Take advantage of the chance to get out and stretch your legs. If your child is small enough, then carrying them in a baby sling might work if you don't have a lot of bags.

Many new parents in bike-friendly locales get trailers to bring their kids along, save gas money and make exercise a fun family affair while they pedal. For shopping trips that require bus, car or other rides, don't be afraid to park a bit further away from the store and walk through the parking lot to make up for all of the sitting around.

Reconsider Your Fitness Fashion
Lowering the barriers that stand between you and a solid workout can make it much easier to get into good habits early on. Choosing the right attire for your budget, body and wardrobe is a great way to make exercise more enjoyable, so always pick workout gear that motivates you and makes you feel awesome.

To make things even more convenient, try an athleisure subscription service like Fabletics that has an established following, and offers affordable, fashionable, seasonal styles. That takes the headache out of shopping (because who wants to try on workout pants in a Target while trying to keep a baby happy?) and wearing something that makes you feel comfy, but stylish and ready to tackle exercise opportunities will keep you motivated to keep up with your fitness routine!