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OOTW 2.0 officiated by Tourism Malaysia & Set New Malaysia Book of Records & Attract over *35,000* visitors with International & local DJ with renowned DJ Steve Aoki, DJ James Hype, DJ NERVO and many more.


Malaysia witnessed the grandeur of its Largest Water & Music Festival – OOTW 2.0, held from 19th to 21st January 2024 at KL Base in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. While the event may have concluded, the vision for OOTW3.0 is already in the planning stages, guided by the visionary leadership of Lens Chan and Summer Lau, the founders of OOTW, along with their dedicated young squad team.

Key Highlights:

Day 1 - 19th January 2024 : Opening Ceremony :

The festivities kicked off with the spectacular Opening Ceremony of OOTW2.0, graced by the esteemed Guest of Honor, YB Dato Dr Ammar Ghapar, Director General of Tourism Malaysia. The event was marked by the presence of a distinguished list of VVIPs, including Dr Jay Ong (Founder of CSA Academy), Dato Sri Vincent Tiew (Executive Director of KL Wellness City), Lens Chan, Datuk Wira DR Calvin Khiu (Founder of OE Edugroup), Mr Gan (Founder of Kawan Food Berhad), Datuk Ada Poon (Founder of Go Traz Travel), Joyce Chan (SOM 1 Founder), Dato Alex (Director of Mercedes Malaysia), DJ Riesa Anne (RS SIS Event Management Co-Founder), Summer Lau, Dato Angie Ng (President of Malaysia Inbound Chinese Association - MICA), Mr Chin (Chairman of SME Malaysia Association), and Stephanie Wong (COO of Big Tree Outdoor).

Lens Chan and Summer Lau were honored with their second Malaysia Book of Record for erecting the Tallest Stage Trusses for OOTW2.0, adding another achievement to their accolades after the largest Malaysia's Largest Water & Music Festival recorded during OOTW1.0. Notably, OOTW2.0 also marked a significant milestone with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the global brand Starbucks and many more, joining a prestigious list of partners to enhance the OOTW experience for visitors from near and far.

YB Dato Dr Ammar Ghapar expressed his admiration for OOTW2.0's remarkable accomplishments, highlighting the event's growth and success. He expressed hope for the OOTW Team to continue these achievements, ensuring the event becomes an annual spectacle, and Tourism Malaysia indeed will support this amazing event from Malaysia to Global scale.

As we look back on OOTW 2.0, it's evident that the festival not only delivered entertainment but also set new benchmarks, making it a truly unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Day 1 of OOTW2.0 : Kicked off with a bang, headlined by the internationally acclaimed EDM sensation NERVO from Australia, along with Taiwan’s leading hardstyle female act Cyndi and Indonesia’s hip-hop sensation Ramengvrl. The stage was set on fire with stellar performances by Cherry Bomb, V-Gene, and a captivating live show by Jeryl Lee, bringing together a powerhouse of talent, beauty, and undeniable Girl Power. Nervo from Australia & Cyndi from Taiwan were holding Malaysia Flag for photo and posting which it is great publicity and exposure of OOTW2.0 and our beloved Malaysia.

Day 2 of OOTW2.0 : Brought the much-anticipated highlight of OOTW2.0 with the electrifying performance of the world-renowned #8 DJ, Steven Aoki from USA. Amidst water and fire blasting and the backdrop of the tallest stage trusses, Aoki mesmerized over 15,000 fans with his stunning beats. Expressing his gratitude, Aoki lauded the organizers for bringing him back to Malaysia after nine long years, expressing his fondness for Malaysia and his craving for authentic Nasi Lemak… Malaysia Nasi Lemak, Bestnya!

Day 3 of OOTW2.0 : witnessed the stage graced by the legendary DJ James Hype from England, whose exceptional showmanship and technical prowess left the audience spellbound. Malaysia's homegrown talents, including Rachel B, Nahsyk, Curzon, and the iconic Chuckies and Whackboi, celebrated their decade-long journey as the nation's favorite hard dance duo. The festival concluded with a dazzling performance by Singapore's DJ Inquisitive, accompanied by a surprise appearance by guest vocalist Hannah Ying, adding an extra layer of excitement to the grand finale.

The organizing team has strategically curated a blend of local and international DJs for collaborative performances, aiming to elevate Malaysia's DJ talents to global prominence. By featuring both local and international DJs on the same stage, OOTW not only showcases the diversity of talent but also contributes to Tourism Malaysia's initiative of nurturing the future stars of Malaysia. This concerted effort aims to spotlight Malaysian DJs on the world stage, fostering greater recognition and appreciation for their skills and contributions to the music industry.

The three-day extravaganza drew an impressive total attendance of nearly 35,161, surpassing the organizers' expectations by 6,000. The success of OOTW2.0 can be attributed to the meticulous planning, which included over 60 food stalls, a basketball court, a car exhibition, an inflatable water park, a massage area, and a splash zone, alongside the main stage, setting a comprehensive record in Malaysia.

The Man from Genesis Entertainment, the organizer of the festival, emphasized their primary goal of establishing OOTW as a representative music festival in Malaysia, aimed at attracting more foreign tourists and promoting Malaysia as a tourist destination. With plans underway to transform OOTW into an international music festival within the next 3 to 5 years, Genesis Entertainment remains committed to contributing to the growth of Malaysia's tourism industry and economic development.